Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gnome Wars: ...just not the slowest.

To All,

The Zombie game Saturday night at Fall In. Each player had a group of 4 or 5 gnomes they had to get from one end of the board to the other (12 feet). Roughly 200 zombies, 30 cultists, 50 skeletons, and some hell hounds in the way.

Some groups seek shelter in the buildings. This strategy slows them down and puts them in direct contact with the zombies.

The cultists piss on the statue.The cultists attack....
Three groups move up the board as fast as they can. Zombies and skeletons move in for a snack. The gnomes counter with Highlanders and Irish. A Berserker, King Stanton, and Captain Alvarado wade in and destroy all undead in their path.

The groups who sought refuge in the buildings made a lot of noise. A herd of zombies close in.
Here you can see the groups on the right almost to the bridge while the others are trying to get out of the first courtyard.

Gnome Wars: Saturday at Fall In...

To All,

Here are some shots of the Saturday afternoon game at Fall In.

The Swiss and the Irish try to hold the buildings....
 ...and the defenders said, "Let them come." Which they did....
 Prince Stiofan making his move...
 ...while the Bengal Tigers make a charge. (Yes, those are painted as the Cincinnati Bengals)

Rainbow connection...the lovers, the dreamers, and, la la la la
The Defenders get the victory.