Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brigade Games Goblin Space Wars by The Stout Smurf ....

To All,

I painted up some Brigade Games Goblin Space Wars figures. Here are they are split into the two units and the bases flocked.

Brigade Games Goblin Space Wars figures

They are smaller than I'm used to painting (because the Gnomes are so large) but they have great detail on them.
More to come......

Cold Wars 2016 - Safe Haven zombie game....

To All,
This young man, Darrell Swanson, build one of the most impressive terrain set-ups I have seen at any miniatures convention. I saw this on Friday and made sure I got a ticket for his game on Saturday.  

 Darrell Swanson and his wonderful prison.

Here is a better shot of the prison. If you look at it quickly it looks like a flyover picture of a real prison.

 Not only is Darrell an excellent terrain builder, but he is an awesome GM. His game was crisply run and extremely fun! Some game shots:

The humans were able to capture the prison and hopefully create a Safe Haven!

Friday, March 18, 2016

To All,

The Humans will need to defend their outpost against hordes of Space Rodents and the dreaded Robot Legion.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Radon Zombies from the Ionosphere by The Stout Smurf.....

To All,
The Radon Zombies from Pulp Figures and their crashed space ship. This is where they plan to defend their queen!
Radon Zombies from the Ionosphere

Radon Zombies from the Ionosphere

more to come.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Robot Legion....

To All,

Here is the Robot Legion by Hydra Miniatures all based and with their rockets:
40 Minibots ready to do some damage!
Hydra miniatures Minibots with the Robot Legion

Centurion, Optio, and the rest of the Legionaries 

Optio and Unit #3

Centurion and Unit #1

Ready to eliminate all organics......

Friday, February 12, 2016

Blood Angels mouseling Dread........

To All,

A Blood Angels mouseling Dreadnaught. This is an anti-personnel Dread as it is equipped with lightning claws and a heavy flamer:
Blood Angels mouseling Dread

The Ultramarines Dread is anti tank, vehicle, and dreadnought with a Gatling gun and a power fist.  

Ultramarine & Blood Angels mouseling Dread
The pair should be formidable....

more to come.....

The Goblins call in some support......

To All,

In a previous post  I showed some  Brigade Games Goblin Space Wars figures
that are going to be in action on Friday night at Cold Wars.  Every other faction and race that is going to land on Planet P has some sort of heavy support so I figured that the goblins should have some, too. I painted up a Clanking Destroyer by Kromlech.

Clanking Destroyer by Kromlech

Here is the unit with the Clanking Destroyer. I painted it up using the same color scheme as the goblins so that it "fit" into the unit and didn't look like something that just showed up.
A couple of shots of the Clanking Destroyer from different angles.

A couple of pictures of the unit.

more to come.......