Wednesday, March 16, 2011

German Painting Guide

To All,

Many have asked what paints I use on the gnomes I bring to the conventions. Here is a painting guide I posted on a yahoo group. Hope it helps:

German Infantry Painting Guide

Painting “Two-Footers”

These are the paints I used to paint the Germans. I purchased all of the acrylics at Michaels.

Americana Acrylic Paint by DecoArt:

Lamp (Ebony) Black               DA067

Dark Chocolate                       DA065
Sable Brown                           DA61
Burnt Sienna                           DA63
Raw Sienna                             DA93
Cadmium Yellow                    DA010
Snow (Titanium) White          DA01

Charcoal Grey                         DA88
Hauser Dark Green                 DA133

Apple Barrel Colors


Testors Enamel

Copper                                   1151

Silver                                      1146

Model Masters Gunmetal       1795   


Gryphonne Sepia                           Games Workshop

Ogryn Flesh                                  Games Workshop



I always use Krylon Ruddy Brown primer.

These are the steps I take when painting the Germans:

1)      Flash, prime, and glue to base.
2)      Paint feet/legs and top of the base Black.
3)      Face, beard, hair, and hands a coat of Dark Chocolate.
4)      First coat on the coat: grey if you want grey uniforms, Green if you want green uniforms, Plaid if you want blue uniforms.

5)      Beards – DRYBRUSH:
1)      Raw Sienna
2)      Raw Sienna + Cadmium Yellow
3)      Raw Sienna + Cadmium Yellow + White
4)      Lightly wash around the mustache

6)      Do the eyes

7)       Flesh:
1)      Flesh + Gryphonne Sepia
2)      Flesh + Gryphonne Sepia+ White
3)      Keep adding a little White and shade up from there.

8)      2nd Coat of Green/Grey/ Plaid on the uniform.
9)      Belt, pocket covers, and collars Black.
10)  While you have the black out hit all the creases in the uniform with a little black.
11)  Helmet Sable Brown
12)  Wood on Gun
1)      Dark Chocolate
2)      DRYBRUSH: Burnt Sienna
13)  Metal on Gun:
1)      50/50 Mixture of Gun Metal and Silver
2)      Hit the 2 “straps” on the gun with Copper.
14)  Belt buckle and buttons: Copper
15)  Strap over helmet: Burnt Sienna.

Note: Straight Gunmetal for the Kaiser’s helmet, Same color as the uniform for the NCO’s cap.