Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I'm am running for the HMGS Board of Directors.


If you are a current HMGS member, please consider voting for me, James Stanton, and these three other candidates for the HMGS Board of Directors:

Jared Fishman
John Spiess
Dave Waxtel

Jared Fishman and I are looking to expand the HMGS Teachers Program as well as other education endeavors that HMGS should be looking into. In my opinion the current Board has done a great job with this and the incumbents should keep their seats. 

For years at HMGS conventions members have been talking about the “graying of the hobby” and how the younger generation is often distracted by screens before they get the chance to wander into the local hobby shop and discover miniature wargaming. There are many examples of teachers who run after school clubs that give kids who may be interested in gaming and games an opportunity to get together and play. Clubs are a great way to foster a “gaming community” in a school and can help with the painting of figures and building of terrain but can be limited in its reach.  One way to expose larger numbers of young people to the hobby is to help educators incorporate miniature wargaming into their classrooms and units. This method can cast a wider net as all students in a grade level would have hands on experience with historical miniature wargaming.

Mission Statement
The mission of the HMGS Cold Wars Teachers Program is to provide focused seminars and hands-on workshops for teachers, interested parents, and students in an effort to promote the use of historical miniature wargaming as a teaching tool in the classroom. That mission statement completely aligns with that of HMGS,Inc.: “HMGS, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable and educational 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to promote the study of military history through the art of tabletop miniature wargaming.”

James Stanton

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